Open Letter To Suresh Raina By An Indian Cricket Fan

Hi Suresh, 

Watching the Indian team without you in the middle order is a sight that we’re still getting used to but it just does not feel right. The past few months have been really challenging for you and since any action taken is always magnified; you were put in a tough spot with the whole contract cancellation saga.


But we know you’re not one to play for the money. There’s a reason you have so many fans. It’s that attitude of always heading out to play with a smile and giving it your all in the field as well as batting. Your exploits in the IPL speak volumes about your ability and there is no doubt in my mind that you are one of the best T20 batsmen the world has ever seen.

But back to reality. And reality is very disheartening for you to say the least. It seems like the BCCI are on a mission to envisage a future without you but we don’t want you to give up.

Ultimate Dhoni Era player:

If there is one player who represents the Dhoni Era of captaincy, it is you for sure. Right from the fielding aspect to running between the wickets and never losing your temper, you set out to do your task at hand with minimum fuss.

There is something about players who are able to work around their weaknesses and still succeed. Sure, you’re not the greatest player of the short ball but that does not mean your other strengths get overshadowed.

pandya dhoni raina

In all honesty, if it wasn’t for you, we would not have won the 2011 World Cup. Remember the Semi-Final where we were teetering a bit thanks to that Wahab Riaz spell? At least you were able to play a handy knock at the end and help us reach a respectable total of sorts.

Hard-work does not go unnoticed:

The hard-work you’ve been putting in lately has not gone unnoticed. Your social media fans, including me, are aware of the grinding hours you’ve been putting in in Europe. They said your fitness was an issue of concern? Doesn’t look like it.

Point is, this is just another setback that life offers us and it’s up to you to show that fighting spirit and force your way back. You’re still pretty young. 30 years old means that you still have a lot to offer and we’re waiting.

Keep hustling, Suresh! We know you have it in you. Personally you’re in a good space (looks like you’re having a ball of a time with your daughter Grazia) and we hope for only the best.


Your lifelong fan.

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