Ravi Shastri Was Asked About Dhoni and Yuvraj’s Future. This Is What He Said!

Ravi Shastri appointment as India’s new head coach was a decision that many were expecting.


After rising differences between Virat Kohli and former coach Anil Kumble that ultimately led to Kumble’s resignation, there were a few names that were doing round but once Ravi Shastri applied for the job, it was almost certain that he will be the next coach of Indian cricket team. And that’s what happened.

After his appointment, Ravi Shastri, gave an interview to India Today and said that Dhoni and Yuvraj’s future will be decided when the time arrives. Shastri also said that he needs to talk to Indian skipper Virat Kohli before making any statement.

“2019 (World Cup) is a long way to go. They are both champion cricketers. We will deal with it when the time arrives. I am just getting into the dressing room again, so I need to spend time with the captain (Kohli) and take things forward. 

“I have not spoken to Kohli  (yet). I don’t know what happened in those 12 months. I will start afresh. Whatever I have to discuss with Virat will stay between Virat and me,” he told India Today.

When asked about his views on captain Virat Kohli, Ravi Shastri said that he is a champions cricketer who hasn’t reached his peak yet. He also added that next 5 or 6 six years will define the “Real” Kohli.

“Kohli is a champion cricketer – he has not yet reached his peak. The next five or six years will define the real Virat Kohli,” Shastri further stated.


Shastri further sounded upbeat on the challenge of coaching India.

“I have always relished a challenge and I am looking forward to my stint with India. When you are asked to open the batting in overcast conditions, it is a challenge. I am used to challenges, bring on another one,” he added.