These 5 Bowlers Never Bowled A No-Ball In Their Career

Every time a bowler over steps the line, the opposition is given one extra run and a free hit. After the introduction of the ‘free hit’ rule, stepping the line has become an even bigger offence than what it was before. In modern-day cricket, despite of such strict rules, we see bowlers crossing the line and sometimes it results in big defeats. Recently, India’s fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah bowled a no-ball in the final of ICC Champions Trophy 2017 that costed India the tournament.

But, there are 5 bowlers who played a lot of international cricket for their respective countries but never bowled a no-ball. Let’s have a look at the list of bowlers who never bowled a no-ball:

Kapil Dev


He is India’s greatest all-rounder of all time. Kapil Dev led India to its first ever World Cup in 1983. In his long playing career, Kapil achieved many milestones and we all heard and talked about them so many times. But, there is one record which isn’t talked much during our cricket discussions. Kapil Dev also holds the record of not bowling a no-ball in his entire career. He played 131 Tests and 225 One Day International (ODI) matches but never bowled a no ball.

Ian Botham


Ian Botham is regarded as one of the greatest all-rounders in cricket history. He played cricket with flair and flamboyance and entertained cricket fans across the world. Just like Kapil, Ian Botham also never bowled a no-ball in his entire career. Both played 102 Tests and 116 ODI matches for England.

Imran Khan


One of the greatest all-rounders and the pride of Pakistan, Imran Khan, was one hell of an athlete. He led Pakistan to its first ever World Cup in 1992. Imran also never bowled a no-ball. He played 88 Tests and 175 ODIs, but never crossed the line.

Dennis Lillee


Australian fast bowler, Dennis Lillee is one of the greatest fast bowlers of all time. He was known for his fiery attitude and indomitable spirit on field. He is known as one of the most disciplined fast bowlers as he never bowled a no-ball in his international career. Lille played 70 Tests and 63 ODIs for Australia.

Lance Gibbs


Lance Gibbs is arguably the most successful spinner to have ever played for West Indies. He took 309 Test wickets, and he was the first spinner to reach the 300-wickets mark in Test cricket. In his long playing career, Lance Gibbs never bowled a no-ball. And he is the only spinner in this list.

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