These Are The Top 10 Fielders In World Cricket

Today’s cricket has become so much faster and exciting and one factor that has contributed to it is definitely the fielding aspect. Fielders today have become so much agile and fitter and have helped their team restrict opponents. Here are 10 such fielders in world cricket who just have that extra edge:

Ravindra Jadeja


Arguably the best fielder at point in world cricket today, Jadeja is someone who will not let any ball past him. His killer left arm has ensured that batsmen stay put and not take risks. Jadeja has effected plenty of run-outs during his time in the team.

Faf Du Plessis


The South African maverick is one player who has no qualms about putting his body on the line. Faf has taken some stunners in the field and also has a long reach. He is a player who is excellent to have close to the batsman.

AB De Villiers


AB De Villiers or Mr 360 is called so because of his overall ability as a player. Already a living legend of South African and World cricket, AB has taken some blinders in his time and been the reason behind  some epic run-outs.

Dwayne Bravo


DJ Bravo is another one who can throw his body around and pick catches like they’re peanuts. Bravo is athletic and really fast on the field. His best fielding performances have come during his time in the T20 Leagues around the world.

David Warner


David Warner may be pocket-sized but is quite the firework on the field. Warner has a strong throwing arm and an excellent eye for a catch. Warner is a leader on the field and can really inspire his teammates with his fielding alone.

Eoin Morgan


The English limited overs captain is another excellent livewire on the field. He has plucked catches out of thin air and can create confusion amongst batsmen out of nothing. Morgan is a great example for textbook fielding.

Virat Kohli


Kohli is one of the elite fielders in the world right now and has added another dimension to his game with his excellent fielding attributes. He is someone who gives no breathing space to the batsmen at any time.

Ross Taylor

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One of the best fielders in the world at slip, Ross Taylor has superb reflexes that do not allow anything past him. He has taken some brilliant catches and saved vital runs multiple times.

Steven Smith


Steven Smith, apart from being a superb batsman is also an excellent fielder. He has taken some excellent catches at slip and has helped changed the course of the game on many occasions.

Martin Guptill


Martin Guptill is best remembered for taking one of the most epic catches in IPL history when he pouched a one-handed beauty for KXIP. He is otherwise also an excellent fielder to have.

By Rohit Nair