This Is How India’s Fast Bowler Jhulan Goswami Inspired Pakistan’s All-Rounder Kainat Imtiaz

Pakistan’s young cricketer Kainat Imtiaz shared a picture with India’s fast bowler Jhulan Goswami and wrote a beautiful message, on her Instagram profile. Kainat, who is one of the most exciting young all-rounders in women’s cricket, is a huge admirer of Indian cricketer Jhulan Goswami.

Kainat wrote that when she saw Jhulan for the first time, she was so impressed with her attitude and speed that she chose cricket as a career, specially fast bowling. When she met Jhulan Goswami for the first time during India vs Pakistan game in the ongoing ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup.

“kainatimtiaz23: Let me share a story with you all.
In 2005 i saw the Indian team for the 1st time as the Asia cup was held in Pakistan. I was the ball picker during the tornament… I saw @jhulangoswami. The fastest bowler of that time. I was so impressed that i chose cricket as a career. Specificly fast bowling. ?
Its a proud moment for me as after 12 years today in 2017 i am playing this ODI World Cup with one of my inspirations and getting more inspired……. ?

Earlier, Kainat had also posted a picture with former Indian captain Anjum Chopra. She called Anjum a legend in her Instagram post.

kainatimtiaz23Its was an honour meeting this legend. ? @anjum_chopra#formerindiancaptain #respect

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