This Video Will Make Every Indian Cricket Team Emotional

Indian cricket has given us so many immortal and legendary moments over the years. There have been plenty of heroes over the years who have played some brilliant innings or carried the team despite suffering from a personal loss or suffering or another situation that warrants a reason to not be in the team.


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When the Indian players are criticised for the way they handle themselves, we must keep in mind that at the end of the day, they are humans too. The reason we endear ourselves to these players is because they are able to play through almost any situation at any point of the game.

This video starts with the Wall, Rahul Dravid getting hit in the ribs by a fast one from an English bowler. Despite being in immense pain after the hit, Dravid stands up bravely to face the next ball. He smashes it for a flat six over extra cover to show how a small blip cannot take away his class.

It is followed by Ravichandran Ashwin’s valiant effort with the bat despite his parents being missing during the Chennai floods. Ashwin carried on batting and showed his class despite going through a struggle.

The most iconic one is Sachin Tendulkar smashing a century against Kenya after just attending his father’s funeral. Sachin showed he was able to keep his personal loss aside and in fact let is spur him on.

Dhoni is another player who played a game after missing the birth of his first child, Ziva. He said that the country always came first.

The video is completed by Yuvraj Singh who fought early stages of cancer (at the time he did not know) to win India a World Cup. He battled coughing and chest pain to win games against Australia and West Indies amongst other in the 2011 edition.


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