VIDEO: England’s Natalie Sciver Invents A New Shot

Cricket always surprises us with new shots and techniques. England Women cricket team’s  batter Natalie Sciver also contributed to the game of cricket by inventing a new kind of stroke.


Yesterday, we witnessed a new kind of shot, which is now known as ‘Natmeg’ which she named after herself and it has a football connection. In football, it is done by dribbling the ball through the space between the legs of a defender. On football field, we have seen a lot of this stuff from legends like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Antoine Griezmann and many others. But, Sciver became the first cricketer to pull of a ‘natmeg’ trick.

This stroke became the hottest topic of discussion among cricket fans on social networking websites Facebook and Twitter. Fans were thrilled by the creativity of the new stroke and started finding an apt name for the stroke.

A fan came up with something like ‘Cruyff turn’.Not many would know who is Johan Cruyff, after whom that trick was named. Then finally fans zeroed on natmeg because it goes well with the name of the inventor- ‘Nat’alie Sciver.

It happened off the third ball of the 39th over, bowled by Huddleston. A yorker, but Sciver squeezed behind square with one fine touch through the legs. Watch Sciver’s shot here:

VIDEO: England’s Natalie Sciver Invents A New Shot

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