VIDEO: When Rahul Dravid Outfoxed Michael Vaughan With His Keeping Skills

One of the greatest players to have played the game is Rahul Dravid. The Indian legend was at one point in his career, also the wicket-keeper for the Indian ODI squad. Due to a lack of resources, Dravid once again came for the team’s squad.


Rahul Dravid was never a regular keeping, but being a team that he has always been, he took up the job to add more balance to the team.

The first time when Rahul Dravid kept wickets was in April 1999 against England. India’s the then wicketkeeper Nayan Mongia got injured and Dravid stepped up and did the job for his team. In, fact he stumped out Graham Kick in that match.

In the legendary Natwest series in England back in 2002, India was facing the hosts and Dravid was behind the stumps.

Stumping for the ages:

Harbhajan Singh bowled one towards the leg-side and Vaughan was tempted to come down the track. Dravid, blindsided by Vaughan stuck his arm out instinctively and caught the ball in his left hand. In a flash, he transferred the ball to his right and flicked the bails off to send a dejected Vaughan back to the pavilion.

Dravid may not have been the best keeper but moments like this make sure that his contribution to the sport will never be forgotten.

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