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You Will Be Amused To Know Why MS Dhoni Doesn’t Have A Single Tattoo On His Body

Many Indian cricket fans have payed tribute to their superstar MS Dhoni by getting his name, jersey number and portraits tattooed on their bodies. It is true that MS Dhoni is one of the greatest superstars in the history of Indian cricket and his fan following is immense.

It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that MS Dhoni is the second most loved Indian cricketer ever after Sachin Tendulkar. As Indian cricket team’s captain, Dhoni won almost every trophy he could and took India to number 1 position in Test cricket.

Coming back to tattoos, in an interview, MS Dhoni revealed why he doesn’t have a single tattoo on his body. India’s modern-day cricketers have tattoos all over their body. From Virat Kohli to KL Rahul, most of the Indian cricketers have tattoos and these tattoos often have deep meaning.

But, it seems like MS Dhoni doesn’t want to reveal anything and keep his fans guessing.

The former captain of the Indian cricket team chickened out whenever a syringe has to pierce his body. Dhoni revealed that whether it is in the doctor’s hands or a tattoo artist’s, when it comes to handling syringes and needles he lacks the courage.

Now, it is amusing to know that the man who one of the strongest men in cricket and hits monstrous sixes is scared of needles. But, then, we all have weaknesses and who says one can’t look sexy without tattoos? Look at MS Dhoni in this picture, classy as ever!

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