A 3 Year Old Girl Gave A Heart-Touching Tribute To Mithali Raj

Fancy dress competitions was always a fun and engaging time in one’s youth. Dressing up as your favourite heroes and heroines would always invoke a sense of happiness. Indian cricketers have always been fantastic role models. And, one of the best role models in Indian cricket is Indian women cricket team’s captain Mithali Raj.


Recently, the Indian Women’s team beat the odds and made it to the finals of the World Cup, losing narrowly to their English counterparts. This achievement endeared themselves to the nation and they became heroines overnight.

Ahmedabad baby dresses up:

For a recent fancy dress competition, Anushka Ekbote, a three-year old from Ahmedabad dressed up as Mithali Raj. Her father, Apoorva Ekbote tweeted the Indian captain who responded by finding the incident very cute and wished the cute little girl all the best.

“The idea of dressing her up as Mithali was mine. It was because the women’s cricket team recently inspired the whole nation,” said her father, Apoorva Ekbote, who spoke to Buzzfeed.

Mithali Raj is one of the most respected cricketers of her generation and has given her all in a long and distinguished career. She was one of the best players in the tournament and led the team in the right manner throughout.

mithali raj

Mithali Raj’s graceful poise and fantastic temperament make her an easy role model and it is wonderful to see children sitting up and taking notice of women’s cricket in the country. It won’t be long before a lot of younger girls take up cricket as a career. She is also one of the most stylish and elegant batter in women’s cricket.

Incidents such as these show the lighter side of the game and how cricket can be a great leveller in India. Let’s hope that a lot of children start seeing Indian women cricketers as big role models to shape their lives.

Mithali Raj also tweeted this adorable video on her Twitter account.

VIDEO: A 3 Year Old Girl Gave A Heart-Touching Tribute To Mithali Raj

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