7 Reasons Why MS Dhoni Will Not Be Replaced Till 2019 World Cup

The man who helmed a World Cup victory for India, MS Dhoni is still proving to be a big name 6 years later at the age of 36.

Here are 7 reasons he cannot be replaced till the 2019 WC:

Still the best finisher:


Dhoni’s innings in Sri Lanka shows that he is still the finisher that India requires to get over the finish line. His astute batting capabilities and ability to navigate through the difficult overs means that Dhoni will still be around when the World Cup arrives to win it.

Best keeper around:


Dhoni’s fantastic fitness levels means that he is still one of the best if not the best wicketkeeper in World cricket at the moment. He will be crucial in order to effect some important run-outs as well as stumpings and his speed will be needed when the World Cup arrives.

Big presence on the field:


Having MS Dhoni on the team brings a sense of calm to the rest of the squad as most of the players have played their cricket under him as captain. Though Kohli is the captain, Dhoni’s larger than life presence and calmness is just what the team requires at times when the going gets tough.

Massive pay-day for BCCI:

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Each time Dhoni steps on the field, BCCI will be able to make a lot of money off the back of his commercial earnings. He has been a crucial part of the team for close to 15 years and his fan following is as massive as Sachin Tendulkar’s, if not bigger.

Team needs the know-how:

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If there is one man who knows everything about winning, it is Dhoni. He has won all there is to win and this means having to make tough decisions in the pressure of a match. Kohli will take the calls but he will be consulting constantly with Dhoni who could pull a trick out of his sleeve from out of nowhere. Plus, his finishing abilities are still unparalleled and he could guide the likes of Hardik Pandya before he calls it a day.

Dhoni Review System (DRS)


MS Dhoni is so good at reading the game that he can even beat technology. The DRS is fondly known as the Dhoni Review System as he gets most of his calls right on the field. India will need to use the reviews judicially and Dhoni is the best man to guide them for it.

He deserves to call time:


MS Dhoni has the uncanny knack of making decisions out of nowhere. He retired from Test cricket suddenly and then even called time on his captaincy all of a sudden. Dhoni does not play for plaudits and he deserves to be in the team owing to his immense contribution.

By Rohit Nair