These Are The Business Interests Of Indian Cricketers

As cricket is a lucrative sport that involves a lot of money, cricketers have the advantage of putting their money to good use. There have been many instances where cricketers have made use of the money by investing in business ventures and thus making a fortune out of them. Here are some investments made by Indian players:


Tendulkar made a fortune playing cricket for India for more than two decades. The Little Master has shown that he can make some smart investments, by investing in a couple of sports ventures.

Primary being the Kerala Blasters football team in the ISL. Sachin has also made investments in the badminton league with the Bangalore Blasters squad as well. He is a passionate sportsman and has shown time and time again that he loves to get involved in the realm.Image result for sachin

2.MS Dhoni:

Being the Indian captain has its perks, some of which include having an investment in a sports management firm and thus making a few bucks out of it. Dhoni holds a stake in the Rhiti Sports Company that manages some of the elite cricketers.

Dhoni is also an avid sports fan and has invested in a few other sporting ventures as well, the main one being the Chennaiyin FC ISL football team and the Ranchi Rays hockey team.Image result for ms dhoni

3.Virat Kohli:

The current Indian captain makes a lot of money and would obviously be looking to invest them in ventures to have a solid retirement plan once he is done with cricket. Kohli is another one who has a stake in the ISL with a few shares of the Goa FC football team.

He also has his own clothing brand known as Wrogn that is available in stores all over the country, so he does have something to do when he isn’t playing.Image result for virat kohli

4.Virender Sehwag:

Though Sehwag had a long and successful cricketing career, he doesn’t seem to have too much interest in investing in many ventures. One thing he has started however is the Virender Sehwag International School that allows youngsters to become players in the future.

Sehwag also makes a good chunk of money from his commentating and media commitments considering he is one of the most entertaining men in the cricketing world.Image result for sehwag

5.Yuvraj Singh:

The stylish Yuvraj Singh too has a few investments in his kitty from money that he has made over the past decade and a half in the game. After his fight with cancer, Yuvi started his own foundation known as YuWeCan and helps create awareness and those suffering from the disease.

Yuvraj also has investments in the Startup Buddy, a venture that allows startups to gain some capital as well as Burger Singh chain of restaurants.Image result for yuvraj singh

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