Cricketers Who Battled Poverty And Became Millionaires

Sport is a great way for someone with lesser means to become successful and get out of that life they were living in. So many times have athletes risen from poverty to go on and become global superstars. Even the field of cricket has bought so many gems who have come from a less fortunate financial background. Here are some of the best:

David Warner:


The Australian powerhouse didn’t always live the comfortable life he now enjoys. During his time as an aspiring cricketer, Warner was packing shelves for $12 an hour at a Woolworth’s store before going on to become a star.

Warner used to live in a 1-bedded apartment but is now making a lot of money thanks to his investments in real estate, writing children books and having a vodka brand.

Ravindra Jadeja:


Jadeja is one of the most inspirational stories of international cricket. He was born to a security guard and a nurse in a one-bedroom home that was in the government’s quarters. He lost his mother to an accident at the age of 16 and he didn’t feel like playing the game for a while.

He found the strength and went on to make his own legacy and is now the owner of a huge farm with horses and a swimming pool. There was a time when Jadeja admitted he didn’t know where the next meal would come from.

Dale Steyn:


Steyn is today considered one of the best bowlers of the modern game and is an excellent pace merchant. His deadly swinging and seaming deliveries are very hard to hit and he can change the game in an instant.

At one point, Dale Steyn did not have the resources to buy shoes for himself before his first international game. He admitted to begging Shaun Pollock for his shoes and credited a childhood of running barefoot in the bushes as his reason to not wear footwear.

Chris Gayle:


The West Indian beast is considered by some as one of the most destructive batsmen to have ever played the game. He was not always this lucky when it came to other aspects of his life, especially during his initial childhood years.

Gayle had to steal water bottles and sell them to make some money to eat some food. He now makes a nine-figure salary and is an all-time great of West Indian and T20 cricket.

MS Dhoni:


The former Indian captain is another one who has had a storied career from humble beginnings to become a $31 million rich player. Dhoni used to be a ticket collector at the Kharagpur Railway station and made some money playing club cricket.

He slogged it out for 5 years in the domestic circuit before making his international debut and going on to become one of the legends of the game, captaining his country to all major trophies across all formats.

By Rohit Nair