10 Cricketers Who Play The Game With A Smile On Their Faces

Cricket can be quite an intense game where sledging and bad-mouthing can lead to tensions between the two teams involved. However, there are players who have been able to distance themselves from unnecessary controversy and play the game with a smile on their faces.

Here are 10 current cricketers who play with a smile on their faces:

Ajinkya Rahane:

Rahane is one of those rare Indian players who has almost never been dragged into any sort of controversy. He has a solid temperament and is always smiling on the pitch, no matter what the situation is.


AB De Villiers:

De Villiers, besides being a fantastic player is also a very pleasant and jovial person. He hardly lets his emotions get the best of him and even when he does, a huge section of fans feel for him. He plays with a smile on his face on most occasions and cricket will hope he does so for years.


Sarfaraz Ahmed:

Being the captain of the Pakistan team is no easy task, and to unite them and get them to respect you is a whole other ball game. Sarfaraz has however managed to always play the game with a smile on his face and this has rubbed off on his teammates.


George Bailey:

A player who is in complete contrast to his other teammates, George Bailey always comes across as a pleasant and kind bloke in his interviews. Even during games, he is always smiling and never showing any signs of pressure.

george bailey

Jos Buttler:

A proper English gent, Buttler always sees the jovial side of things and is always in a good mood whilst playing for his country. Buttler is an excellent player but his soft temperament help him remain a likeable character on the field.


Umesh Yadav:

Whenever Yadav plays, it looks like he always has a smile on his face. He is a fantastic fast bowler in full flow, but never lets aggression get the better of him. Yadav has a troubled past behind him but he likes to play like there is no tomorrow and that is what fans love the most about him.


Hashim Amla:

The South African is another player who is always in a good mood and never lets his emotions get the best of him. Amla is a terrific competitor on the field and is never involved in any controversy; only letting his batting do the talking.


Ross Taylor:

One of the more pleasant New Zealanders in the squad, Ross Taylor has been around for a while now, but always comes across as a fun character. He is a superb big-hitter, but his personality would never let you know that.

ross taylor abusing in hindi

Shakib al Hasan:

Shakib Al Hasan is another player who is always in a good mood no matter what the situation is. He is one of the best all-rounders in the world but never lets any of that get to his head, choosing instead to play the game in the right spirit.


MS Dhoni:

Probably one of the greatest cricketers of all time, Dhoni was always popular for being captain cool who would smile even during defeat. He thought India that victory and defeat were inevitable and getting emotional was never the answer.


By Rohit Nair

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