These Pictures Of Overseas Cricketers Doing Desi Things In India Are Too Cool

If there is one place that foreign cricketers would gladly admit they love visiting, it is India. Lots of players have come to the country and fallen in love with the energy and the passion that our country has for the game.

Not just in cricket, the culture is something that catches the eye of these players too and they have admitted to absolutely falling head over heels with the country. Here are players who would love to get Indian citizenship if the chance befell them:

Matthew Hayden:


One player who was a roaring success in the initial stages of the IPL was undoubtedly Matthew Hayden. The big, burly Australian batsman was a darling of the Chennai crowds during his stint and at many occasions, he has been snapped wearing the traditional Lungi and having a fun time. Haydos has also admitted to loving Indian cuisine as he is a big foodie and misses no opportunity to head over to the country during commentating.

Brett Lee:


Brett Lee is another player who loves the country and he has even recorded a Hindi song with Asha Bhonsle, the legendary singer. The Australian speedster is a very talented musician and a fun loving bloke off the field, having indulged in some really funny advertisements.

Lee is also involved in the TNPL’s T20 League and has worn the traditional veshti to show how much he loves the nation.

Dwayne Bravo:


The West-Indian all-rounder is another player who has been seen in traditional attire on many occasions and his song, Champion back in 2016 went viral all over the nation. Bravo is a free spirited person and just loves the vibe that the country has.

He has even admitted to feeling the warmth that the Chennai people showered on him during his time for CSK and would have no qualms continuing the freelance cricketing opportunity.

Jonty Rhodes:


The greatest fielder to have played the game takes a lot of pride in being able to nurture the next generation of talent and is always present whenever there is an IPL or any other event in India. He absolutely loves the culture of the country and says he would never have it better anywhere.

Rhodes loves the country so much that he named his own daughter, India. Now that’s some true desi love shown there.

Danny Morrison:


Though he is a commentator now, Morrisson is another one who shares a mutual love for the country and has always tried his hand at speaking a little Hindi and mixing it up with the masses.

Morrison is one man with a very energetic voice and a funny personality that has endeared him to the many fans of the game. He still continues to visit the country whenever the opportunity has presented itself.

Sir Viv Richards:

sir viv

One of the greatest to have ever played the game, Sir Viv Richards loved the country so much that he even married an Indian. Though the marriage did not last, Viv Richards has admitted to loving the country to a great extent.

He is respected by many older fans of the game and his calm yet dominating presence in the field rubs off on the fans in the country in a good way.

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