These Pictures Of Dhoni And Raina Prove They Are ‘Jai-Viru’ Of Indian Cricket

MS Dhoni and Suresh Raina are tow great friends on and off the field. Over the years, we have seen Dhoni and Raina contribute massively towards Indian cricket’s success, along with other Indian cricketers.

pandya dhoni raina

Since the first season of Indian Premier League (IPL) in which, both, MS Dhoni and Suresh Raina played for Chennai Super Kings, their friendship has been one of the most talked about friendships of Indian cricket.

From their partnership in the middle to their bonding off the field, Dhoni and Raina are like Jai-Viru of Indian cricket. As captain MS Dhoni invested a lot of faith in Raina. And, to Raina’s credit, he always gave his best on the field under the leadership of his best friend MS Dhoni.

A major chunk of Indian cricket fans also believe that Dhoni went out of his way to support Raina and it was because of his liking for Raina that the Uttar Pradesh batsman played all three formats of cricket for India, for a long period. But, we don’t agree with this conspiracy theory.

It is true that Dhoni supported Raina, but the reason behind his support was Raina’s talent. In the last few years, Raina has contributed a lot to Indian cricket, specially in limited-overs cricket. In fact, he has played an instrumental role in improving the fielding standards in India.

In this post, we look at some of the best pictures of Dhoni and Raina that prove they are ‘Jai-Viru’ of Indian cricket.

1) Well, let’s start with our favourite picture of Dhoni and Raina. So much love! 

dhoni and raina


2) This is a Dhoni and Raina special. A friend in need is a friend indeed.


dhoni raina 2


3) We miss those good old days! Bike, Dhoni and Raina!  

dhoni raina 6


4) From 22 yards to team bus, Dhoni and Raina are inseparable! 


dhoni raina 8


5) Pehle tum. Nahin! Pehle tum!

dhoni and raina


6) Friends who play together, watch together! 

dhoni raina 10


7) This picture made all of us emotional! 


dhoni raina 1


8) And this is the latest picture!