This Video Will Make Every MS Dhoni Fan Emotional

One of India’s greatest ever cricketers and our greatest cricket captain, MS Dhoni is someone who is a role model for crores of Indians. His ability to stay calm under pressure and finish off games as well as his destructive batting and superb wicket-keeping skills have made him a player who will go down in history.


In this video, Dhoni talks about how he approaches life in general and how he likes to keep it simple. When he started playing cricket, Dhoni did not ever think he would represent the country and even now, he does not think about milestones.

Keep it simple:


One of the biggest learnings that Dhoni has had in life is that he has always kept it simple in all aspects. He urges youngsters to not chase after milestones but look at becoming the best version of themselves.

He says to ignore the future and the past and just focus on the present. Always learn from the mistakes you make but never let it bring you down.

The present is always what you have to be focussing on and if you can channel your energy in the present, you will succeed for sure.


To reach your mark and goal, you must struggle in life. If you are consistent with your practice, you have nothing to worry about. There is no need to search for motivation when there is so much around you and each individual just needs to find that one thing that drives them forward and for Dhoni, the country is the biggest motivator.

The video shared below is a very emotional one to watch, specially if you are a MS Dhoni. It’s a beautiful journey of a boy from Ranchi who went on to lead the Indian cricket for many years, like no other.

Every MS Dhoni Fan Must Watch This Video


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