Top 10 Unbelievable Forward Short Leg Catches

Cricket has become a game where specialist fielders in certain positions are able to pull of catches and save runs in them. One position that is very hard to field at, mainly in Test cricket is the short leg position.

short leg catch

The position is to the legside of the batsman, at just a mere few yards away from their blade. It is a dangerous position as the chances of getting hit are very high. This is the reason these players wear padding and helmets so as to avoid getting seriously damaged from the ball hitting them.

Best fielders:

Some of the best fielders in the position have taken some absolute blinders in the history of the game and have thus helped their teams pick up important wickets at crucial stages. Fielders in that position need to have excellent reflexes as they have only a flash of a second to judge the ball and get their hands to it.

Ricky Ponting, who was one of the greatest Australian fielders was an absolute legend at the short leg position, having pulled off some excellent catches there. Even the legendary Sir Gary Sobers was another one who was excellent at the position.

The Indian team currently have a few players who are adept at fielding in the position and Cheteshwar Pujara seems to be the one who currently holds the rights to the short leg. However, on occasions, KL Rahul too, has donned the pads and helmets and taken a few catches at short leg.


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