VIDEO: MS Dhoni’s 99th Stumping In ODI Cricket

MS Dhoni is, arguably, the most skilful wicketkeepers in the history of the game. Over the years, we have seen Dhoni work very hard on his skills behind the stumps and outfox the opposition batters with his unorthodox moves.


MS Dhoni is not the most technically correct wicketkeepers, but he has own way of doing things. Many cricket pundits and fans across the world believe that Dhoni has re-invented the arty of wicketkeeping his out-of-the-box moves. And, how can we forget about his lightning fast speed? When MS Dhoni sees an opportunity of stumping a batsman he collects the ball and whips the bails off in a flash.


In the second match of the ongoing 5-match ODI series between Sri Lanka and India, MS Dhoni executed 99th stumping of his ODI career. It wasn’t the most fluent stumping of his career but it was n important one as Dhoni is just one away from becoming the first wicketkeeper to execute 100 stumping in ODI cricket.

Yuzvendra Chahal bowled a wrong un and Danushka Gunathilaka couldn’t pick it and stepped down the wicket. As a result, he missed the ball completely and Dhoni successfully completed his 99th stumping.

For a moment, it appeared as if Dhoni will miss it but he recovered quickly and the batsman way outside the crease.

This stumping has put Dhoni at par with Kumar Sangakkara, who also has 99 stumping to his credit in ODI cricket. Now, Dhoni needs just one more stumping to become the first man to execute 100 stumping in ODI cricket.

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