Open Letter To KL Rahul By An Indian Cricket Fan

Hey Rahul!

Nice to see you back in the international setup after such a long time out. Indian cricket was missing your presence at the top of the order and it looks like you’ve picked up right from where you’ve left off – Is that a good or bad thing? Both, to be honest.


Honestly, it’s just nit-picking because we as fans still feel you are not playing to the maximum of your potential despite scoring six half-centuries this year. I mean, innings like the 199 against Australia need to feature more often from you because that is where your true talent lies – Playing the big innings.

The series against Sri Lanka started off badly after you missed out the first Test because of flu, but after taking time to settle in, it looked like you would go on to finish off that 50-odd runs that you made.

But once again, you threw away your wicket after an excellent start and it is starting to become a pattern.


Stick to the basics:

The best part about your batting is the temperament and your ability to read a situation the right way. I mean, it does take something special to hit an international century, in all formats of the game and that is one record you need to be really proud of.

However, most of the time, your downfall is caused by your own doing. The starts that you make for us are great but not incredible. Every time it looks like you’ve decided to be in it for the long haul, one lapse in concentration does it for you.

You just need to stick to the basics to be honest. Your technique and mental ability are top-notch, so trying something silly or losing out to a bad ball is not excusable.


More to come:

Don’t fret though. You’re still just 25 with your best years lying miles ahead of you. We know that you are a batsman of immense ability and should you put your mind to it, you can go on to become one of the best to have represented us.

Opening the batting at international level is never an easy task, but the fact that you could dislodge some of the best batsmen of our era to make that opening spot yours, speaks volumes of your ability.

You just need to believe in it.


We’re all looking forward to innings where you will assert yourself and dominate for many sessions. The 199 and your centuries at Australia are enough proof that you are made for the big stage, so now is the time to well and truly step up.

As far as fielding is concerned, you’re awesome! No complaints on that part so keep up the good work on that front.

Make the starts count and play to the fullest of your abilities. You know best with regards to your innate talent, so now it’s time to show the world what you’ve got.

Good luck for the long schedule ahead. The number 4 batting position in ODIs is vulnerable and here’s hoping you cement that spot down. It’s not beyond you.


An Indian fan.

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