Open Letter To ‘Hitman’ Rohit Sharma By An Indian Cricket Fan

Hi Rohit!

Well done on the century against the Lankans in the 3rd ODI, it was an innings of some class and style, considering the pressure situation that we were in.

rohit 2

Also, you’ve gotten rid of the Sri Lankan curse that was haunting you until now. Better late than never, or in this case, you’re just getting started. We might not have another Lankan series for quite some time, so it is good that you made the most of it in the ODI series.

It’s been quite a long journey for you. Indian fans still remember the fresh faced youngster playing some fantastic cricketing shots in the World T20 back in 2007. Your innings helped us beat Pakistan on both instances, so thanks for that!

Supreme talent:

In all honesty, your cricketing talent and stroke play is probably the finest India has ever seen. Only the likes of Sachin, Dravid, Gavaskar and Azharuddin were known for such exquisite batting but you make it seem so effortless.

Such a supreme talent does not come by very often and in your case, it was bad application in the earlier stages of your career that did it for you. It is heartening to see you play your best cricket over the past three years or so and we’re sure there’s more to come from your end.

Humble beginnings to captaincy material:


As Indian fans, what we see on the field is a culmination of years of practice and hard work, both on and off the field that makes you who you are. Not a lot of people are aware of your humble beginnings in the game however and this is a good time to remind them of the hardships you had to face.

Not many are aware of the journey you had to make to travel and play cricket back in the day in Mumbai. Your humble beginnings and not so financially secure childhood meant that you had to stay with your grandparents and uncles in order to cater to your cricketing needs. Money was not easy to come by, but yet you showed that talent and a determination to succeed always triumphs over everything else.

Staying apart from your parents for the majority of the week must have been hard, but luck favours the bold and your scholarship with Swami Vivekananda School was well deserved.

It was great that you went from strength to strength until you were at the pinnacle, lifting the World T20 with India.

Also, captaincy seems to have rubbed off well on you, with the IPL victories and the Champions League victory proving that Indian cricket has more than just an able deputy to rely upon.

Looking forward to the best:

rohit 3

Two double centuries and multiple crucial innings later, it still feels like your best is yet to come. Keep up the hard work and continue playing the way you do, and it won’t be long before you can lift the 50-over World Cup too, something you missed out on back in 2011.

Good luck and best wishes,

An Indian cricket fan.

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