Open Letter To Ravindra Jadeja By An Indian Cricket Fan

ravindra jadeja

Hi Jaddu,

First of all, the power lies in the moustache, trust me. During the 2013-14 season, when you became a massive player for India, it was the twirly moustache that made the difference. Now, the Test resurgence is surely due to the same reason, and it should remain so.


Now to the matters that are of prime importance: 1. Congratulations on becoming the number 1 Test bowler and all-rounder in the game today and 2. You became a father recently but at a time when you should’ve been celebrating, the ICC Champions Trophy Final occurred and you were made a scapegoat for one mistake, which was unwarranted. Well done once again!

What everyone sees is the happy, electric and brilliant cricketer that you are but nobody realises that the mental make-up that you’ve developed is a story that needs to be shared once again or introduced to those who do not know.

Humblest of beginnings and hardships:

Your beginnings were not of very fortunate means – Your father toiled hard as a security guard and your mother as a nurse would not have bought a lot of money home. Yet, you persevered at a time when cricket would have been the last option for you in that household.

The loss of your mother in your teenage years is another major setback and many promising talents have gone to waste because they just cannot cope with the trauma. Yet, you found your focus back, courtesy your family members and thank God that you did.


These instances may now seem a thing of the past, but only a person going through those circumstances knows the hardships they face and we as Indian fans are happy that you have emerged as a warrior to become the best in the world.

Early trolling:

When you made your debut for India post the Under-19 World Cup, a lot was expected from you – as a batting all-rounder who could bowl a bit. The initial stages were good but then came the 2009 T20 World Cup in England where your slow innings was one of the factors blamed for India’s loss against England.

Not many people remember but that was the inception of the moniker, “Sir” Jadeja – The man who was entitled to take things at his own pace.

You were dropped from the squad and had to fight your way back, but this time you knew what needed to be done. You focused more on your bowling and started displaying inspirational performances in the IPL and domestic circuit.


The return:

When India picked you back for the internationals, you were a changed man. Here was a player who was bowling some tricky off-spinners and bamboozling batsmen all across the world. Though critics say that you are still to prove a lot overseas, your performances were justified with some consistent performances with the ball.

The “Sir” name was suddenly one that came with a strong sense of respect. Sir Jadeja went on to bowl superbly in the Champions Trophy and hand India another trophy and Dhoni to complete his set of international tournament victories.

You then evolved as a bowler and went on to become one of the best fielders in the world but the batting was suddenly in decline. Now was the player who was a specialist bowler who could bat a little. But then you finally have bought a semblance of balance to the equation over the past year or so and are reaping the benefits.


Team India is very fortunate to have a player of your mettle. A very good temperament and a livewire on the field, you are slowly paving your path to become one of the greatest all-rounders in the game and if this form continues, there is no reason why you cannot become one.

Obviously, the country does get infuriated when they do not win and will always look at blaming someone – Players such as Yuvraj Singh and even Sachin have gone through the unfortunate situation of being Public Enemy Number One, but when the noise dies down, only the records will speak and yours is one that is intimidating and speaks volumes of your talent.

Keep up the good work and enjoy life to the fullest as you always do, Royal Navghan! The Rajput boy will continue to wield his bat as a sword for years to come!

Regards and best of luck,

A big fan of Indian cricket

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