10 Most Dedicated Cricket Fans And Fan Groups

Cricket has seen so many dedicated fans over the years who have been able to make the game so much more enjoyable for the players and the spectators. Dedicated fan groups and fans have been able to make their presence felt in different stadiums around the world.

Here are 10 of the most popular cricket fans in the world:

Cricket Chacha:


One of the most popular Pakistanis in cricket, this man, known as the Cricket Chacha is easily recognizable thanks to his white beard and colourful attire. He shows up for many of Pakistan’s game in England and abroad and is also a big fan of MS Dhoni.

The Barmy Army:


The Barmy Army is an English group of fans who show up in full support for their countrymen, mainly during the Ashes. They are loud, boisterous and always giving the Australians some stick whilst shouting for every English boundary or win.

Shoaib al Bokhari:

angshoaib al bokhari

The Bangladeshi Tiger is another one who cannot be missed during his country’s games. He is almost always painted in body paint that resembles a tiger with the Bangladeshi flag plastered across the centre. He has been coming for these games for close to nine years.

Percy Abeysekara:


One of the most loyal Sri Lankan fans, Percy has been around even when his nation had not achieved Test status. He has been supporting them for years but has only recently stopped coming as he has to tend to his ill sister.

Bharat Army:

bharat army

One of India’s biggest fan groups is the Bharat Army who are often present when the Indians are playing, mainly during major ICC tournaments. They were at their loudest best during the World Cup in 2015.

Sudhir Kumar Gautam:


One of India’s most recognised and popular fans, Sudhir Kumar Gautam’s biggest moment would have surely been when he was invited into the dressing room to pose with the players and the World Cup.

Lerry the Leprachaun:


The Irish fan is one of the most popular fans in the game. His popular line is, “Peel a banana, mash a banana, throw a banana, and let’s go bananas!” He’s always up for a good time and his clothes certainly seem to back this up.

Gravy the Entertainer:


West Indies cricket back in the day would not have been complete without an appearance by Gravy the Entertainer. He would always make an entrance, entering these games with an army or dancing with his full cricket kit on.

Ram Babu:

ram babu

Another popular Indian fan, this time for Dhoni, Ram Babu has the same passion as Sudhir Kumar, with body paint of the Indian colours and a big “Dhoni 7” splashed across his chest. He has been seen in many games since his first appearance.

Carl Teusner:

carl teusner

One of Australia’s more popular fans has to be Carl Teusner. He is like an official mascot for the team, with his Kangaroo mask and yellow jersey on, he is a big hit with the kids who come for these games.

By Rohit Nair

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