This West Indian Cricketers Says He Has Slept With More Than 500 Women

One of the most telling things about a West Indian cricketer is their love for being flamboyant and playful. They have the best attitudes and are constantly smiling or looking to indulge in some fun. The nature of the Caribbean is such that people are always happy and trying to find newer reasons to smile.

tino best

One such person who lives the good life is West Indian bowler, Tino Best. The former speedster has revealed all in his new book, “Mind the Windows: My Story”. Best talks all about his philandering ways with the Windies team. He even talks about his teammates’ sexual exploits. Tino Best has even likened himself to Hollywood superstar, Brad Pitt by calling himself “The Black Brad Pitt”.

Sex addict:

Tino Best said that he had slept with around 500 to 650 women during his lifetime and discussed how he would love the sexual exploits he often got himself into. He also said that he loved girls and girls loved him back and he reckoned that he was the most handsome bald black guy in the world. The 34-year old said that splitting with his first wife, with whom he had a daughter, Tamani was the reason he turned to sex as a way to get over it.

He said that his friends told him that his first wife would come back to him if he continued taking wickets for Barbados. She didn’t but that didn’t deter him from moving on. He even went as far as degrading himself to being called a “man whore.”

Loves the foreign shores:

tino best

Best said that he loved the Australians and the South African girls the best and always had a special spot for them. Tino Best said that if he went to Australia and saw a nice blonde, he would love to date them. Also, if he went to South Africa and saw a beautiful brunette, he would love to go for a bit with her.

He said that he and his teammates would often have bets over who would “date” the most women while on tour. A lot of these women would love to come back to a swanky hotel with an international cricketer and they would take full advantage of this fact. He said that his personal best was when he slept with close to 40 women on a tour of Australia back in 2005. He even revealed that Chris Gayle was a good man and Dwayne Bravo was his partner in crime.

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