RARE! Former Australian Fast Bowler Slams His Own Teammates And Praises Kohli

Normally, when it is Virat Kohli versus the Australians, there’s always something going on. This happened even on Thursday in the 2nd ODI between the two. The incident occurred when Virat Kohli ran a run off Stoinis’ bowling when Wade had slightly injured himself while keeping.

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Though Virat Kohli was within the laws of the game to do so, it did not sit well with the keeper and the bowler. They felt that he had taken advantage of Wade’s misfortune.

In a later over, Wade was seen arguing with Kohli about the incident. He told Kohli, “I might have a cry like you. I might go to the dressing rooms and have a good cry like you. Everyone has to feel sorry for you.”

Stuart Clark weighs in:

Former Australian bowler Stuart Clark branded the pair of Aussies silly because they tried to get into the argument. He said that while he appreciated the fact that Stoinis stood up for his teammate, it was such a stupid thing to argue over.

“He misfielded one. Whether the Indian batsman knew he was injured or not was probably a secondary question,” Stuart Clark argued in favour of Virat Kohli.

Moreover, arguing with Virat Kohli is a very silly thing to do because he just gets stronger when the opposition try to put him under any sort of pressure.

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He said that he would never try to get under the skin of Virat Kohli because the Indian captain always wants to get into a fight with everyone and is never backing down. The incident continued after Wade got out in the second innings and Kohli gave him a warm send-off, we could say.

Clark also said that he wouldn’t have said too much to Kohli because the Indian captain seems to want to fight with everyone and he seems to play 10 times better when he does fight with people.

“It’s one run. Is this the biggest issue this team has got? If I’m Matthew Wade and I’m Marcus Stoinis — and full credit to him for standing up for Matthew Wade — I’d be worrying about my own cricket, rather than all this other stuff. This is piddly cr*p,” Stuart Clark added.

“I wouldn’t be saying too much to Virat Kohli. He seems to want to fight with everyone and he seems to play 10 times better when he does fight with people.”

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