9 Innovative Techniques That Have Made Cricket Even More Interesting

Cricket is one game that is fun to watch, both in the stadium and at the convenience of a television. With the advent of technology, cricket has adopted to become one of the most technology-dependent sports today, with aspects of training and match days running on tech.

Here are some of the technologies that have placed cricket higher than ever:



The snickometer is one device that is used to detect any sort of edges or impact that the ball makes. It does so by placing a very sensitive microphone near the stumps that co-ordinates with slow motion videos to record sound waves when the ball flies past the edge.


hwak eye

The hawk-eye is one of the more commonly used pieces of technology that predicts the path that the ball will take once it hits a batsman’s pad. It is mainly used for LBW decisions and different cameras are used to predict the correct path of the ball.



The hotspot technology is one of the newer forms of tech where in a negative video of the replay is taken to figure out if any impact has been made, either on the bat or the pad to judge the batsman out or not. It uses heat signatures of the impact with the help of infrared cameras.

Slow-mo cams:

slow mo cams

An interesting fact about cricket is that Sachin Tendulkar was the first ever man to be adjudged run-out with a camera replay. Since then, slow-motion cameras have come a long way and are used to adjudge if a batsman is out of his crease or not.

Speed gun:

speed gun

This particular device is used mainly by fast bowlers to determine the speed at which they’re bowling and figuring out ways to increase the pace. It is used in today’s game to determine the speed at which the bowler delivers the ball and to find out his average pace.

LED stumps:

led bails

One of the newer inventions in the game, but definitely a very interesting one is the LED stumps. These stumps have bails and a stick that lights up when the ball or any impact is made on it. It is very useful in determining stumpings and run-outs at the exact moment the bail is dislodged.

Ball spin RPM:

spin rpm

The ball spinning RPM meter shows the amount of revs that a certain delivery has and measures the skill of a spin bowler. The revolutions per minute helps in determining the total spin after it has pitched.

Spidey cam:


A camera that really changed the way broadcasting was done, the spidey cam is controlled by four winches at each corner of the ground and is a really advanced piece of tech. It gives a beautiful view of the pitch and is entertaining to witness.



A newer piece of technology that might prove useful for bowlers when they play the game, the Cricflex measures the angle at which the bowler’s arm is at while delivering the ball to ensure that there is no chucking.

By Rohit Nair

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