VIDEO: This Is Why Batsmen Should Wear A Helmet At All Times

It is very important to wear all the protective gears in the game of cricket. After Phil Hughes’ unfortunate demise, efforts have been made to improve the standard quality of protective gears, specially helmets.

If you notice closely, helmet manufactures have added an extra layer of protection just below the ears, after Hughes’ tragic incident in which he lost his life on the field after getting hit by a bouncer. And, now, many batsmen around the world use the new, updated helmets.

The importance of helmets was once again realised during the fourth match of the ongoing ODI series between India and Australia. India’s opening batsman Rohit Sharma was at the non-striker’s end, after completing a single when Australia’s wicketkeeper Mathew Wade, mistakingly, threw the ball straight onto his helmet.

Rohit was unaware of the situation and he was taken by a surprise when the ball hit his helmet. Usually, batsmen around the world prefer batting in cap against spinners, specially in hot and humid conditions. But, Rohit was lucky that he was wearing a helmet and the ball didn’t hit his head.

Mathew Wade immediately apologised to Rohit Sharma for his throw. It wasn’t intentional and Rohit didn’t react. In this series, we have seen some war of words in the middle and one of the biggest incidents was Wade’s ‘advice’ to Virat Kohli. But, Rohit took this one in the right spirit and realised that it was a mistake.

However, if we compare this series with other India vs Australia series, we haven’t seen too much sledging and banter. One of the major reasons behind this is India’s domination and the way they outplayed Australia in all three departments of the game, in the first three ODIs.

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VIDEO: This Is Why Batsmen Should Wear A Helmet At All Times

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