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Danielle Wyatt Shuts Down Trolls In Supercool Style

One of the best moments you can experience as a cricket is when your idol presents a personalised gift. One of these moments arrived for English Women’s cricketer, Danielle Wyatt. She was presented a bat from Virat Kohli, and took to social media to post an image of the bat and took a picture of the underside.

danielle wyatt

However, there was one mistake and as social media users are usually very eagle-eyed, they picked on it and ripped it to shreds. The bat had the words, Virat Kholi instead of Virat Kohli, which is the proper spelling of the cricketer.

Not her mistake:

As the Indian fans came out in hordes to make fun at Danielle Wyatt for not having the right spelling, they would have expected her to apologize for making such a silly error. However, it was revealed that the words were not written by her at all.

In fact, ironically, it was written by Virat’s own bat-maker, which just goes to show that people make mistakes.

It is sometimes very upsetting to see the way fans dish out such mean comments over such a mundane and silly thing. Wyatt however, took it in the right spirit and included a lot of smileys in her tweet, so no harm done.

Kohli has presented bats to other players in the past, with the most popular gift being the bat he presented to Mohammad Amir on his return post a match-fixing scandal. Kohli is generally considered a very warm and genuine person who loves gifting.

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