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Dennis Freedman Asked ‘Sachin Who’ On Twitter. And This Is How Indian Fans Replied!

Dennis Freedman is one of the most talked about personalities among Indian cricket fans on social media. Dennis loves trolling Indian cricket fans and keeps tweeting things to trigger reactions from them on Twitter.

dennis freedman

In the last couple of days many media houses have covered Dennis’ tweets and showed how Indians react to his tweet. But, something that they all have missed is- humour.

Dennis, who has more than 65,000 followers on Twitter, used to run Richie Benaud’s parody account which was banned by Twitter, mostly presents a humorous angle of the game and gets great response on his Twitter account. His Richie Benaud parody account was so popular that former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen described it as his favourite Twitter account.

Dennis will be touring Pakistan soon, where he will document his experiences. There is a huge excitement among Pakistan cricket fans, on social media. And, as a part of his build up, he keeps trolling Indian cricket fans.

His ‘favourite’ Indian cricketer is Sachin Tendulkar and never misses a chance to have a go at him and his massive army of fans. A couple of days ago, Dennis Freedman re-posted his ‘infamous’ ‘Sachin Who’ picture and Indian cricket fans just couldn’t hold back.

From abusing him to sending photoshopped images, Indian cricket fans gave it back to Dennis and he also retweeted some of the tweets. As always, it was fun to see Dennis and Indian cricket fans enjoying themselves on Twitter. We have embedded some of the tweets here:

This is what Dennis tweeted: 


And this is how Indian cricket fans reacted: 


Well, there were many more replies but too abusive to share here. You call follow Dennis Freedman on Twitter here-> @denniscricket_

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