Dennis Freedman Loves Trolling India On Twitter

Dennis Freedman is a very entertaining cricket writer from Australia. He is very popular among cricket fans on Twitter and known for his hilarious tweets on everything cricket.

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Dennis Freedman aka Dennis Does Cricket also runs a cricket website on which he posts alternative views on the game.

Dennis is a huge admirer of Pakistan cricket and he is travelling to Pakistan for the World XI game, which, in a way, announces the return of cricket in Pakistan. It’s a very big moment for Pakistan cricket and their fans as they have waited so long to see international cricket on their soil.

Earlier, Dennis also ran an online campaign in which he invited fans from Pakistan and other parts of the world to sponsor his Pakistan tour. And, to his credit, he got amazing response as Pakistan cricket fans came out in numbers and made contributions.

Dennis will now travel to Pakistan where he will interact with fans, cricketers and pundits and also document his experiences.


Dennis loves trolling Indian cricket fans on his social networking accounts. While most of the Indian cricket fans are trying to hit back at him, we found his tweets extremely funny. Check out some of his tweets here:

You can follow (or abuse) Dennis Freedman here-> @denniscricket_

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