The Difference Between IPL And BBL’s Media Rights Deal Is Huge

The Indian Premier League has evolved into a franchise that has captivated players and fans alike. The tremendous marketing and advertising potential that the IPL has generated means that it is one of the most popular brands in world cricket at the moment, or even in the world of sport for that matter.


Now, it seems that with such a large influx of interest and money, IPL has gone on to become one of the biggest earners, even surpassing the amount that the Indian team goes on to make for each match. It seems that Star Sports, who had just acquired the rights to IPL are set to pay Rs.55 crore for each IPL match. Compared to the 12 crore it pays for each international fixture, this amount shows the value at which they have placed it.

Winner of rights:

Star recently won the auction for the global and digital broadcasting of the IPL games, with Rs.16347 crores being spent for the next five years. This is a mind-boggling amount when one considers the Indian cricket board is ruling amidst an administrative crisis.

The deal means that BCCI gets around Rs.3270 crore every year from the IPL alone. However, Indian games are going to up for grabs next year and it will be interesting to see whether Star will renew their contract after having the rights to the IPL also.


For comparison, the IPL is going to be getting USD 508 Million a year as per the media rights deal. The Big Bash in Australia earns just USD 20 million a year, going to show the power the BCCI have had.

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