Here’s The Reason Why MS Dhoni Is The Coolest Cricketer In The World

One of the most charismatic leaders in the game, MS Dhoni is most popular for being “Captain Cool” – The man who never lets his emotions show and manages to remain calm even during situations of immense pressure. The player that Dhoni is, is completely different from the man who pulls off serenity with such ease.


The reason MS Dhoni is so successful is because he treats the game the way the he treats real life. He does not let emotions get in the way of his judgement and this has been one of the biggest ideals that aspiring cricketers can take from his demeanour.

The humility always shows:

Dhoni’s humble nature has always been talked about during his long playing career. The small-town boy always respects his roots and has never shown any inkling of arrogance during his long and storied career.

The former Indian captain is known for his simple acts both on and off the field and his latest act just proves that Dhoni is the master of grabbing headlines without even trying.

ms dhoni

During the Indian team’s wait at the Chennai airport, the team were waiting to board the flight to Kolkata and were in a relaxed mood. Well, MS Dhoni was very relaxed. He was on the floor, lying down without a care in the world.

This just went to show that Dhoni doesn’t care what the situation is or the place, he will always remain the same person that he is. Even in the series against the Lankans, Dhoni showed that he didn’t care about the drama happening beyond the boundary as he rested on his stomach and took a short power nap.

Dhoni will always remain the same. Cheers to the legend!

By Rohit Nair

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