5 Most Iconic Jersey Numbers In Cricket

Cricket is a game where not only do players become legends, but their jersey numbers are immortalised too if they perform continuously at the highest level. There are certain numbers that are memorable and there are some who do not have a jersey number, like Virender Sehwag.

Here are some of the most memorable jersey numbers in cricket:

1. 10 – Sachin Tendulkar:


Arguably the greatest batsman to have ever played the game, Sachin always wore the number 10 jersey and it became a legendary number. There were even calls for BCCI to retire the number as Sachin made it so iconic.
There was a short controversy regarding the number as debutant Shardul Thakur wore the number 10 on his debut and faced a backlash for choosing so. He justified it by saying it was his birthdate but nobody was ready to accept this and he might have to change the number.

2. 14 – Ricky Ponting:


One of Australia’s greatest players, Ricky Ponting was also an excellent captain who led the team to numerous trophies, including two World Cups. Ponting always wore the number 14 jersey when he was on the field.
The number 14 is generally worn by special players, with Thierry Henry in football donning the number and even Shoaib Akthar having worn jerseys with this iconic number.
3. 333 – Chris Gayle:


A peculiar number, but one that has stuck and made itself a legacy. Chris Gayle is known for his powerful hitting and this jersey number is just another indicator of one of his greatest ever achievements – The triple century he scored for the Test team.

Gayle has been a powerhouse for the West Indian squad and will go down as one of their greatest ever players. The jersey number is just a way to express the pride he takes in such a superb achievement.

4. 800 – Muttiah Muralitharan:


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The bowler with the most number of Test wickets in history, Muralitharan wore the number 800 during his stint as a T20 player. The number represents the exact number of wickets he achieved during his career.
Muralitharan is considered one of the greatest spin bowlers to have ever played the game and the number is a mere indicator of his legacy.

5. 7- MS Dhoni:


The former Indian captain wears the number 7 jersey whenever he plays for the country and he has always worn the number. He was born on the 7th of July, so he considers the number 7 as one of his luckiest.
Dhoni is a little superstitious in this aspect and has spoken at length at how he likes the number. His number is easily recognizable and is one of the most iconic in Indian cricket history.

By Rohit Nair

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