VIDEO: MS Dhoni Outsmarts Angelo Mathews With Lightning Fast Speed

MS Dhoni is the fastest stumper in cricket history. Over the years, MS Dhoni has done some of the most spectacular things on the field behind the wickets, but in the last couple of years, he has taken his stumping game a new level altogether.


Dhoni’s biggest strength is his match awareness. He keeps an eagle eye on the game and doesn’t allow batsmen to get away with any kind of mistake. He is super fast behind the stumps and takes no time in whipping the bails off and dismissing the batsman. In the ODI series, he completed his 100th career stumping and became the first wicketkeeper ever to register 100 stumping in ODI cricket.

In the one-off T20I against Sri Lanka, MS Dhoni dismissed Angelo Mathews in his trademark style. Yuzvendra Chahal bowled a flighted delivery that spun away from Angelo Mathews after pitching and MS Dhoni whipped the bails off in no time.

A strong appeal was made by Indian cricketers and the decision was referred to the third umpire. The replay showed that Mathews was out of the crease and the decision was given in Indian’s favour.

MS Dhoni, yet again, showed that he is the fastest stumper in the world and stepping out of the crease against him is always a big danger for batsmen around the world. The way MS Dhoni dismissed Angelo Mathews in a flash was a great spectacle for his fans as he exhibited great skills and speed behind the stumps. Mathews couldn’t believe his luck and walked back in disarray.

Well, that wasn’t the first time MS Dhoni stunned opposition batters with his speed behind the stumps. And surely not the last. He still has a lot of cricket left in him and would keep on doing his unorthodox and extremely effective things with the gloves.