VIDEO: MS Dhoni Scared Kedar Jadhav And All Of Us

MS Dhoni is one the coolest and calmest cricketers in the history of the game. Dhoni made his debut for India in 2004 and since then we have never seen him get involved in verbal battles or sledging, on the field. He always keeps his focus on the game and replies to all the sledging and banter with his cricketing skills.


Image source: Zee News

There have been occasions when MS Dhoni gave ‘the look’ to his teammates but it’s mostly just a look without saying anything. In the first ODI of the ongoing 5-match series between India and Australia, Dhoni gave ‘the look’ to Kedar Jadhav and it made the Maharashtra batsman very nervous in the middle. It was Jadhav’s mistake and it could have resulted in a big loss for India.

It was on the first ball of the 22nd over when Marcus Stoinis bowled a length delivery and Dhoni tapped the ball towards cover and took off for a single. But, Jadhav, who was at the other end, did not reply to the call and left Dhoni stranded in the middle of the pitch. Dhoni is one of the quickest runners between the wickets and his calling is spot on, more often than not.

It could have been an easy run-out but Australia’s debutant Hilton Catwright missed the stumps and allowed MS Dhoni to get back to his crease. It was a very important moment in the game as Dhoni’s wicket could have changed the entire scenario of the match.

MS Dhoni looked back at Kedar Jadhav and gave an angry look for not taking a single. This created a lot of buzz on social media because we rarely get to see Dhoni getting angry and showing it, during a live match. He, mostly, keeps a good check on his emotions and this is the reason why Indian fans call him ‘Captain Cool’.

VIDEO: MS Dhoni Scared Kedar Jadhav And All Of Us

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