Meet MS Dhoni’s Childhood Friends Chittu And Chotu Bhaiya Who Played A Big Role In His Biopic

MS Dhoni is one of the greatest players to have ever represented the country and his journey from small-town dreamer to a World Cup winning captain has been chronicled on the big screen. He has been an inspiration for many strugglers looking to make it big and his story is regarded as one of the greatest sporting tales of our times.

ms dhoni's childhood friends

Now that Dhoni is entering the twilight of his career, we, as fans can cherish his legacy knowing that he has contributed immensely to the game. However, there have been a few unsung heroes who played a role in ensuring Mahi made it big.

In MS Dhoni’s biopic ‘MS Dhoni: The Untold Story’ both these gentleman had a big presence as they are very close to Dhoni right from his childhood days. MS Dhoni has come a long way in his life. He is, arguably, the greatest Indian captain ever and one of the most loved an respected personalities in India. He has achieved a level of stardom which is now a benchmark for cricketers in India. MS Dhoni is, arguably, the most loved Indian cricketer after the great Sachin Tendulkar. Fans respect him for his contribution to Indian cricket.

But, he is still the same old Mahi for his childhood buddies. Whenever MS Dhoni goes to his hometown he spends with his childhood buddies and this is the reason why fans are so emotionally connected to him.

Bond that bought them together:

In a recent ad for Seagram’s Royal Stag music CDs, MS Dhoni is seen in a different avatar – That of a loved and humble man from Ranchi. Dhoni has never forgotten his past and has always credited his friends for making him the man that he is.


In the ad, MS Dhoni is seen interacting with two people who played a big role in his upbringing as a cricketer – Chottu Bhaiya, who owned a sports merchandise store in Ranchi and Chittu, his childhood best friend.

The two of them are seeing laughing and having a good time in the ad, but know that they had a major role to play in making MSD the legend that he is today.

The camaraderie between the individuals is there for everyone to see and Dhoni will always credit them for making him the person that he is today. Watch the advertisement here:

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