This Is How Son Of A Factory Worker Became A Big Name In Indian Cricket

Indian cricketer Nathu Singh, who surprised one and all in the 10th auction of the Indian Premier League, has seen ample hardships in his life. Nathu made his First Class debut in the year 2015 and impressed the selectors with his speed and accuracy.

nathu singh

Nathu Singh hails from a small village Murlipura, which is located in Rajasthan. His father used to work in a wire factory and it was very difficult for him to keep investing on Nathu’s cricket. But, he never allowed his financial constraints to become an obstacle in Nathu’s career. And, to Nathu’s credit’s he devoted his life to cricket and fulfilled his father’s dream.

Nathu started playing cricket with tennis ball. He used to bowl very fast and this is the reason why some local cricketers advised him to join a cricket academy and train with leather ball.

At a time when all his friends were looking to support their families finances by working part time, Nathu’s father always motivated him to give his best on the field and do something extraordinary.

When Nathu Singh was asked to by professional bowling shoes, his father could not afford his expensive shoes and thus took a loan of Rs. 5000.

Nathu Singh’s father had to work overtime to pay off the loaned money. 

nathu singh

Nathu’s big breakthrough came when he was picked to play the Vijay Hazare Trophy in 2015. He impressed one and all with his fast bowling and, as a result, was picked by Mumbai Indians in IPL 10’s auction for for a whopping Rs. 3.2 Crore from a base price of Rs. 10 Lakh.

When Nathu Singh was picked for such a big price tag, his father was working in the factory at the time and was completely unaware of his son’s achievement, until someone informed him.

Nathu Singh has now asked his father to stop working. He acknowledges the effort put in by his family and wants them to live a healthy and wealthy life now. Nathu is also  building a luxurious house worth Rs. 1.5 Crore for his family so they do not have to live in poverty ever again.

nathu singh

Nathu Singh has just started and it would require a lot of hard work to make it big at the international level. He has a lot of talent but it is important that he stays focused on the game and avoid all sorts of distractions. So far, Nathu has managed to stay focused, but he has now reached a stage where the margin of error is very less. Also, the Indian cricket is going through a good phase where young cricketers are pushing each other and there is a very healthy competition among them.

We wish Nathu Singh all the best and hope he will achieve great heights in Indian cricket and make his parents proud.

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