Open Letter To Pakistan Cricket Fans

Hello to all the cricket loving Pakistani fans,

Greetings from India. We know that we’ve had a lot of differences but when cricket is bought into play, it is something that we both love enormously. We know you have been suffering from internal trouble which has caused international cricket to have been abandoned almost completely from your nation.


It must’ve been very hard for you guys to fathom such an inexplicable loss of a sport that you hold so dearly. The terrorists involved in the attack on the Sri Lankan bus ended up causing damage to the psyche of the Pakistani cricket lovers.

Love from across the border:

However, let’s not get into a squabble over which country is better than the other. India and Pakistan have been at loggerheads for decades now due to politics and cricket is one of the binding factors between the two nations.

We know and respect the cricketing culture of Pakistan – Having seen many of your legends causing us problems over the years. The likes of Wasim Akram, Inzy, Akthar, Zaheer Abbas, Miandad are still spoken with great gusto amongst Indian fans.

It’s nice that cricket is finally back in your nation. International cricket that is. Whether it is a World XI squad or the number one team in the world, watching your own countrymen in their colours at home is a feeling that cannot be replaced with anything else. The wait has been pretty long so the revelry and festivities well and truly deserve to go on for days.

sudhir chacha cricket

As Indians, we love the sport too and know the feeling of watching our heroes play right in front of us. We can only send love from across the border and hope that one day, we too, can come safely across the border for a bilateral series that is devoid of any animosity and tension. It may be a long time till that happens, but we have a distant hope that a Virat Kohli-led side can come there one day and make history once again.

Till then, enjoy your newfound, rekindled love for the game,

A Happy Cricket fan.

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