Parineeti Chopra Reveals The Real Story Behind Her Mystery Tweet

Hardik Pandya tried to decode Parineeti Chopra’s mysterious tweet and it became a trending topic on social networking websites.


A little exchange of tweets between Hardik Pandya and Parineeti Chopra created a huge storm on social media. From fans to media houses, everybody started predicting that there is something fishy going on between these two.

But, Parineeti Chopra revealed the real story in a video which she posted on her Twitter account. Check out the tweets below.

This is what Parineeti Chopra tweeted:

This is how Hardik Pandya replied:

And Parineeti replied back!

And this is the video Parineeti Chopra tweeted:

“Wow, guys, I didn’t know that such a beautiful photo an one simple caption could demand an actual video. I guess the picture was amazing. But now ! to clarify, my perfect partner is my new phone from Xiaomi India,” Parineeti Chopra revealed in a video.