Sachin Tendulkar Tweeted A Special Message For MS Dhoni

In the last ODI of the recently concluded series between Sri Lanka and India, MS Dhoni completed his 100th ODI stumping and became the first wicketkeeper ever to do so. Over the years, MS Dhoni has been an absolute rock for India behind the stumps and made some of the most unbelievable stumping.


For his incredibly fast hands behind the stumps, his fans often say, in a light hearted way, that he is faster than light. And some also say that he is faster than the fastest man on the world Usain Bolt.

While all these things keep social media entertained, there is no denying the fact that MS Dhoni has the fastest hands behind the stumps. His ability to collect the ball and whip the bails off in a flash is second none and it makes Dhoni the most dangerous wicketkeeper for the opposition.

Many opposition batsmen have said that, with Dhoni, they don’t get any time to get back, if they are beaten and caught outside their crease. When Dhoni started his career many pundits used to criticise his unorthodox style of wicketkeeping, but now the same pundits are fans of his unorthodox skills.

In fact, many say that he has revolutionised the art of wicketkeeping with his out of the box skills. Dhoni’s biggest strength behind the stump is his awareness. He reads the game very well and makes his moves at the right time and very rarely misses his target.


Coming back to his 100th stumping, the great Sachin Tendulkar took to Twitter to congratulate his former teammate and captain MS Dhoni on his big achievement. This is what Sachin Tendulkar tweeted: “Who said lightning doesn’t strike twice? Today it did for the 100th time! Well done, @msdhoni! Keep them coming :-)”

The tweet went viral on the micro blogging website. Check it out here: