VIDEO: Hardik Pandya’s Funny Response To Pat Cummins’ Sledging

The third ODI between India and Australia at Indore ended with the Indians winning comfortably with a 6-wicket win. A large part of the chase was made easier with Hardik Pandya’ brilliant 79 run innings that took India closer to the target with lesser tension and it looked like India was always comfortable in the game.

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India-Australia matches are known to be spicy affairs with players from both teams constantly passing comments to unnerve each other. While the Australians have been masters of sledging, the Indian team too, has learnt to give it back and it has made the game much more entertaining for spectators.

Hardik Pandya and Pat Cummins:

One such incident that occurred in the game between India and Australia was between Hardik Pandya and Pat Cummins. In the 6th over, Cummins bowled outside the off stump and Pandya tried to cut him. However, it went straight to the fielder at backward point. The bowler strode forward and said something to Pandya, who ignored it.

The next ball, Hardik Pandya tried the same thing and once again Cummins passed a couple of comments. Pandya however, cupped his hand to his ear and asked him to speak up. Kohli, at the non-striker’s end, walked up to Pandya and asked him to concentrate on the game.

Hadrik Pandya told Pat Cummins to speak louder as the crowd was buzzing and shouting at the top of their voice. The Australian fast bowler tried to sledge Pandya and involve him in a conversation but the Baroda all-rounder didn’t bother and stayed focused.

However, Hardik Pandya nearly got out the next ball as he went for a wild swing that hit him on the pads. The batsman was adjudged not out by the umpire. He then appeared to learn his lesson and exercised caution before letting loose later on in the innings and winning the game for India.

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VIDEO: Hardik Pandya’s Funny Response To Pat Cummins Sledging


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