Aamir Khan Asked KL Rahul To Reveal Virat Kohli’s Biggest Bad Quality

Indian captain Virat Kohli and KL Rahul are both world class players and have an affectionate relationship with each other. Virat has had a big hand in nurturing KL Rahul and giving him a consistent run in the Indian cricket team. They even play for the same IPL team and are proven match-winners of their side.

They are good friends both on and off the field and their friendship grew leaps and bounds  during the recently held Indian Premier League. They are often spotted together, sharing moments of laughter and joy. They both love tattoos, are stylish and love experimenting with their hair and looks.

The duo recently attended the shoot of a Diwali 2017 special show with superstar Aamir Khan where they shared secrets of their personal lives. KL Rahul being a good friend to Virat Kohli didn’t shy from revealing Kohli’s good and bad qualities. But don’t worry, their love or bromance wasn’t lost, as everything was said in good humour.

Speaking about Kohli’ good qualities, Rahul said that Virat is a fitness freak and always focuses on being fit as a fiddle. He spends a lot of time on his fitness and never compromises on his health.

On a lighter note, he also said that Kohli is a big show off and loves to flaunt his body. Rahul said that Virat loves roaming topless in the dressing room and is always glued to his cell phone.

Journalist Sameer Allana was lucky enough to attend the shooting and leaked all the information of what transpired on the sets.

Sameer mentioned that KL Rahul recorded a video of himself, where he gave his brutally-honest views on Kohli, captain of the India cricket team.

Here’s what Sameer tweeted,

The show will be Telecasted on TV soon and would surely be a big hit among cricket fans.

Aamir even gifted Virat the clapperboard which was used for take 1 of dangal. Kohli gave him his Indian jersey in return.



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