The Best Moustache XI In Cricket History

Cricketers are known for their famous hairstyles and one such style that never really went out of fashion is the moustache. With players donning the hair above their lips, they have managed to become popular. Here is the best XI of moustached players:

Shikhar Dhawan:


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The Indian opener owns a very stylish, thin moustache that can be twirled at the end. HE has had the style off late and it seems like the moustache brings him all the luck that he needs. Dhawan has had it for over four years now.

He is popularly known as Gabbar amongst teammates.

Graham Gooch:


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One of the best English batsmen to have ever played, Graham Gooch’s career was never devoid of controversy. However, when it came to his playing career alone, Goochy was one of the best stroke players the game had ever seen.

The Englishman was able to hit centuries till the twilight of his career and this spoke volumes about his match fitness. His large moustache was one that always stood out along with his playing style.

David Boon:


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The burly Australian was one of the most intimidating cricketers in the game and was once infamous for having consumed 52 cans of beer on a flight from Sydney to Australia. His big moustache, shaped like a handlebar gave the opposition many unforgettable days.

Allan Border:

alan border

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One of the most feared captains in the game, Allan Border stood for no-nonsense and always led his team from the front. His records spoke for themselves and his phenomenal ability to be gritty when the situation needed it is legendary.

Border also possessed a small moustache on his face that was a symbol of his adherence to discipline.

Clive Lloyd:

clice llyod

The captain of the moustached XI would undoubtedly be Clive Lloyd. The West Indian was one of the best batsmen the game had ever seen and during his prime, he was the captain of the greatest West Indies team.

Lloyd back then and even now has a moustache that shows his integrity and stature in the game of cricket.

Kapil Dev:

kapil dev

The Haryana Hurricane was one of the greatest all-rounders the game has ever seen and was the captain of the team that lifted the first World Cup for India back in 1983. Kapil Dev also has a moustache right from his playing days.

At no point has Kapil been seen without his moustache and it is his trademark style.

Ian Botham:


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The Englishman was another strict disciplinarian who never let the opposition dictate the game whenever he was on the field. The all-rounder was at one point the face of English cricket and scored more than 5000 runs while taking 383 wickets in total.

He also had a moustache that he kept through his playing days though he has gotten rid of it post his career as a player.

Richard Hadlee:

richard hadlee

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The greatest New Zealander who was always poised and stylish on the field reflected this style on his moustache as well, which was manicured and always on point. Hadlee is considered a legend in his country.

Ravindra Jadeja:


India’s best fielder at the moment and also one of their best Test players off late, Ravindra Jadeja has had a myriad of facial styles but his most popular one has to undoubdetly be the different moustaches he has kept.

He has had the twirly moustache before which he has traded for a more handlebar look at the moment.

Mitchell Johnson:


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The Australian bowler was a hefty player but was popular for his own brand of sledging and the cold stares that he offered batsmen whenever they came out to the middle. During the last phase of his international career, Johnson kept a moustache that terrorised some of the best batsmen in the world, including the great Kevin Pietersen.

Dennis Lillee:

dennis lilee

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Considered by many to the complete bowler, Dennis Lillee would bowl express pace and swing along with his big moustache as well.

The Australian went down as one of the greatest bowlers in the team and he always had the uncanny ability of picking up big wickets.

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