VIDEO: MS Dhoni Has Created A New Record

One of the best players to have ever played for India, MS Dhoni is also the fittest to have represented the country between the wickets. Through his career, Dhoni has shown that he has the ability to make runs in the smartest manner and does not only rely on his big hitting ability.

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His talent of converting ones into twos have helped him on multiple occasions to keep the run rate up when things get slow in the middle.

MS Dhoni might be 36 years old but he is still one of the fittest runners between the wickets. This was on full show against the Australians in the second T20I at Guwahati.

Full speed ahead:

Dhoni showed his awesome running ability in the match by reaching a top speed of 31 kmph when he went for the second run against the bowler. He comfortably reached the striker’s end despite the ball not going too far.

His amazing fitness was on show at the NCA when the players had to compete in the 20 metre race. Dhoni completed the race in an astonishing time of 2.91 seconds. He also completed the run-a-three race in a time of just 8.30 seconds.

This isn’t the first time Dhoni has shown that he backs his running ability to the fullest. In a T20 match against Bangladesh during the World T20 last year, he ran their last man out off the final ball of the innings. He gathered the ball and instead of aiming at the stumps, he ran and broke it just in time as India pulled off a thrilling victory by just 1 run.

Dhoni is the oldest cricketer in the Indian cricket team at the moment, but he is still one of the fittest cricketer in the world. Watch the video shared below and you will agree with our views here.

VIDEO: MS Dhoni Has Created A New Record

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