VIDEO: Hasan Ali Trolls Sri Lanka’s Sachith Pathirana

Pakistan continued their humiliation of Sri Lanka in the limited overs series against the Lankans with yet another defeat in the T20 international. They were able to win comfortably in 7 wickets and showed that they continued to have the upper hand against their opponents.


During the game, there were some nice moments like Shoaib Malik managing to score a good amount of runs.

Hasan Ali trolls batsman:

But undoubtedly, the funniest moment occurred when Ali bowled a short delivery to Sachith Pathirana. The batsman tried to cut the ball and it landed on his feet after hitting the bat. He could not trace the ball however and this caused some confusion for him as he searched around for it.

As the ball landed near his feet, Hasan Ali decided to have some fun by acting like the ball had gone high for a caught and bowled. He stood and simulated a catch which bemused the batsman and made the crowd and his teammates laugh in unison.

The funnier part is the very next ball that the batsman faced, the exact same thing happened where the ball ended up being caught by the same bowler off his bowling.

Pakistan bowled them out for a lowly 102 and Sri Lanka had no chance against the superior opponents. Soon, Malik and co. came out and completed the formalities as they ended up taking the lead in the T20 series. They had already won the ODI series 5-0 in Abu Dhabi.

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