List Of 6 Biggest Bunnies In Cricket. It Is Full Of Extraordinary Batsmen

In cricket, a batsman’s wicket is the one thing that he holds very dear to him. He tries his best to not give it away and a bowler really cherishes the wicket he can take of a specialist batsman. However, there have been scenarios where certain batsman have ended up giving their wickets away to the same bowler multiple times in international cricket.


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Here are the 6 biggest bunnies in the game of cricket:

Shoaib Akthar vs Sachin Tendulkar:

One of the greatest batsman of all time versus possibly the finest “fast” bowler the world has ever seen. The fact that both these players turned out for India and Pakistan added more to the spice of the rivalry.

Shoaib Akthar was one bowler who could easily hit the 150 km/h mark on multiple occasions. Sachin was a batsman who never really gave his wicket away easily but Akthar was able to get the better of him on 8 occasions during their fierce rivalry.


Muhammad Asif vs Kevin Pietersen:

Another great rivalry was between exiled English cricketer Kevin Pietersen and banned Pakistani Muhammad Asif. The fast bowler was someone who would generally set the batsman up with his superb swing bowling before going for the kill.

Pietersen wrote about Asif in his autobiography, citing that he was the toughest bowler that he had ever faced in his career. Their rivalry is one that has been documented many times.


Zaheer Khan vs Graeme Smith:

One of the finest left-handed South African batsmen in the game, Graeme Smith found himself wanting against Zaheer Khan on more than just one occasion. Well, 13 times to be precise. Smith was never comfortable facing Zaheer and would even fail against the bad balls he bowled.

Even after Zaheer’s retirement, Smith acknowledged that Zaheer was one of the toughest bowlers he faced and wished him well on his career post cricket.


Dale Steyn vs Mohammad Hafeez:

Another proper bunny alert would be the one between Hafeez and Dale Steyn. The South African has managed to get the better of the Pakistani cricketer, called the “professor” in the dressing room on many occasions.

In a career where he played 28 games against Dale Steyn and South Africa, Hafeez has given away his wicket 15 times to the speedster, going to show that he surely has some sort of a mental block against the bowler.


Glenn Mcgrath vs Mike Atherton:

Now a respected commentator and analyst, Mike Atherton was a fine English batsman who could play fantastically… Except against Mcgrath. The Australian bowler made it a habit to get rid of the Englishman on 19 occasions.

In 17 Test matches, Atherton had falled to Mcgrath so many times that it became a part of Ashes folklore.

AB de Villiers vs Stuart Broad

AB de Villiers is one of the most dangerous batsmen in world cricket. His range of strokes is  extraordinary. But, England’s fast bowler Stuart Broad has got better of AB more often than not. Broad has dismissed AB Devilliers 9 times. No other bowler has dismissed AB Devilliers so many times.


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