5 Most Stylish Batsmen In Indian Cricket Team

India is historically known as a country that has produced some of the best batsmen in the world. Indian batsmen stand apart from the rest due to their ability to apply the right technique and read situations well.

Indian batsmen are also very stylish and have wowed commentators and audiences worldwide with their technique.

Here are the 5 most stylish Indian batsmen:

Yuvraj Singh:

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Yuvi, as he is popularly known is one of the greatest players to have represented India in the shorter formats of the game. He was pivotal in two of India’s greatest wins – The T20 World Cup in 2007 and the 50-over World Cup in 2011.

Yuvraj Singh has also made commentators and fans wax lyrical on his stylish strokeplay. He makes even the biggest shots seem so casual and elegant and there is a hint of nonchalance in the way he plays.

Rohit Sharma:


Probably the classiest batsman playing in India at the moment, Rohit is a player who has shown that he has the ability to play the big innings with the right strokes. Rohit was always known as the batsman who could raise his level for the big tournaments.

Sharma’s ability to pick lengths really fast allow him to play his strokes well ahead of time. That’s what sets him apart from the rest, along with the natural ability he possesses.

Virat Kohli:


India’s captain is also one of the most accomplished cricketer in the game today thanks to his brilliant stroke making abilities. Kohli was always a beautiful timer of the ball, but with his elevated levels of fitness, he has taken his stylish quotient to a whole new level. In this list of most stylish batsmen in the world, Kohli will be among top 3.

Kohli’s off-drive is one of the best shots in the game today and his wrist work is unparalleled in the game of cricket.

Suresh Raina:


Suresh Raina might be out of the team due to poor form and an inability to play the short ball, but when he is in full flow, there are fewer batsmen in the world who can match to his big-hitting standards, especially in T20s.

Raina’s inside-out shot and the loft over mid-off have been chronicled many times and they really stand out from the rest of the southpaws playing the game. He is surely one of the most stylish batsmen in world cricket.

Murali Vijay:


Vijay was always known as one of the most stylish opening batsmen in the game, thanks to his beautiful shot making abilities. On many occasions, he has made people purr with his strokes, especially ones where he has to drive on the onside.

He also plays at the top of the order in Tests, making him a real asset to the team as he can negotiate the swinging ball better than a lot of other batsmen in the game.

You can also share your list of stylish batsmen in India and around the world in the comments section.

By Rohit Nair

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