5 Times Indian Cricketers Fought With Each Other

India has seen some of the best cricketers represent our country and bring acclaim from all quarters. However, just like any sport, cricket too has its fair share of drama and fights. There have been many instances where Indians have fought with one another.


One of the most infamous moments from the first IPL is the image of Sreesanth walking around the field crying while holding his cheek. It was after a match between KXIP and Mumbai Indians.

It was later revealed that Sreesanth had been slapped by Harbhajan Singh and this was the reason he was so upset.

The Turbanator was banned from the rest of the IPL for that season for his actions.


Navjot Singh Sidhu was a volatile character back in the day who could get offended and no one really tried to mess with him. He walked out of a series against England after having a fall out with Mohammad Azharuddin.

The former captain, it was revealed later had mouthed a few chaste Hydreabadi slangs towards the effervescent Sidhu and this offended him.


Two of the best fielders to have ever represented India, Jadeja and Raina had played many games together for the country but that did not stop them from having an argument back in 2013 in the West Indies.

Raina had dropped the West Indian batsmen twice of Jadeja’s bowling due to which the bowler said that Raina had lost concentration because he was not the vice-captain of the team.


During an IPL game in 2016, Ambati Rayudu tried his best to stop a ball from racing away to a boundary and dived in despair. Despite his effort, Harbhajan Singh was not happy conceding the boundary and vented his frustration by remonstrating.

Rayudu, who saw this, was not impressed and questioningly asked Harbhajan what was wrong with his effort. Harbhajan, having realised he might have overreacted, immediately walked up to the fielder and calmed him down before continuing.

Kapil Dev-Sunil Gavaskar:

Two of the biggest legends to have ever played for India once had a fight allegedly because Gavaskar had not liked the fact that Kapil had played a poor shot in a Test match against England at the Ferozeshah Kotla.

India lost the game and Kapil was dropped for the next Test at Kolkata. Fans showed their fury towards Sunny but he stuck to his stance of saying that the selection committee had taken the decision.

By Rohit Nair

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