7 Incidents That Prove Ashish Nehra Is One Of The Most Entertaining Cricketers

As Ashish Nehra’s farewell match is getting more and more imminent we have a lot to remember about him and this comes not from just cricket. Ashish Nehra will appear in his last feature for India on November 1 at the Feroz Shah Kotla and we are already nostalgic about his aura.

Ashish Nehra has always been a very low profile person away from the limelight of stardom but still he is the king of comedy in cricket and besides his cricket he would also be remembered forever for his sarcasm and rather funny habits.

If you would ask Virat Kohli he will tell you that Nehra is one of the funniest cricketers around but now like every good thing Nehra’s career too is coming to rest. This edition is dedicated to his fine sarcasm and we title him as, “The King of comedy” in cricket. Here is the list of funniest things he has said or done.

Ashish Nehra does not let her lady watch cricket 

nehra wife

Ashish Nehra met her better half at the Oval, The Mecca of Cricket as she was there to watch a game. Given her understanding for the game and the fact that she might have some tips to give to him he does not let her wife watch him play. Funny much? There’s more!

Ashish Nehra didn’t know how to use Whatsapp before 2017

nehra kumble

We have all known Whatsapp since years now irrespective of the age brackets or even financial conditions. Anyone who is over the BPL knows how to use Whatsapp but can it get any funnier that Ashish Nehra did not know how to use Whatsapp before 2017?

Can you order 40 breakfasts for two people like Nehra Ji?

ashish nehra

If you ever thought you were frantic about celebrations maybe you don’t know about this incident. After India won the 2011 World Cup under Mahi,  Ashish Nehra who was in the hotel room with his son Arush and the trophy ordered 40 English Breakfasts for just 2 people just at the idea of celebrating grandly! Can you ever beat him when it comes to celebrations?

‘Cheeku’ can’t stop laughing when asked about Nehra Ji! 

You talk to Virat Kohli about Ashish Nehra and Virat Kohli can roll on the floor laughing and narrating funniest moments shared with Ashish Nehra. Virat Kohli finds it very difficult to control himself when Nehra Ji is the subject of discussion, after all Nehra Ji is so funny and indeed the king of comedy.

Nehra is often trolled for his teeth! 

Ashish Nehra, the Delhi speedster has been trolled like anything on the social media for his teeth which often hang out! HE has a rather shabby smile reminiscent to Hindi movie villains as his sharp teeth are often seen hanging out. IT’s BEEN SAID THAT AFTER NEHRA JI RETIRES THE INDIAN BOWLING WILL LACK THE TEETH.


Nehra Ji wouldn’t walk naked for 50 crores 

When asked if he would walk naked given he gets 50 crores for it he was quick to reply with a no! He however, said that he would walk in an under wear for as low as even 1 crore. Nehra Ji is always high on sarcasm and you can’t love him enough for that.

When Ashish Nehra made his debut Kuldeep Yadav was perhaps into lollipops and candies 

Ashish Nehra made his debut in 1999 and you would be surprised to know that when Ashish Nehra made his debut the new splurging spinner with whom Ashish Nehra shares the dressing room was just four years old. And still he is funnier than most of the other Indian cricketers. His interview on Breakfast With Champions by Gaurav Kapoor is one of the most entertaining interviews you will ever see. It is so good that Indian captain Virat Kohli called it a “class interview”.

By Divesh Gill

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