Meet Indian Cricket’s ‘Jabra Fan’ Dharamveer Pal

We have all seen Dharamveer Pal runnings around the field across the boundary rope during international matches in India. Dharamveer is a big fan of Indian cricket and despite his physical disability, he has a lot of passion for the game and, not to forget, he is also the captain of India’s differently-abled cricket team.

Dharamveer Pal
Dharamveer Pal

”I am ready for any challenge life throws at me. I don’t see myself as handicapped, this is the way I am and I am strong, I can do any work. Anything, any big job. I can take any job.,” Dharamveer Pal told Cricfit.com in an interview. 

In this post we have listed some facts about Dharamveer Pal you might want to know.  

1) Dharamveer, suffers from severe muscle paresis and skeletal deformities, was born in  Madhya Pradesh and he was one of the six children in the family.

2) At the age of 11, Dharamveer Pal left his house and went all the way to Punjab to see Indian cricket team play. He narrated this story to Forbes in an exclusive interview.

“I hadn’t even eaten for two whole days but it all paid off — the Indian team came to practice the day before the match and Mr. Daljit Singh, the pitch inspector, and a former cricketer, happened to notice me. He saw how much I wanted to watch them play. He took me in.” Dharamveer Pal told Forbes.

dharamveer pal
Dharamveer Pal with Murali Vijay

2) Virender Sehwag and Harbhajan Singh were very impressed with Dharamveer’s passion for the game and they asked him that what makes him support Team India with so much pride and zeal.

“At a match in Faridabad that year, the legendary batsman Virender Sehwag came up to me. He and Harbhajan Singh wanted to know why I love cricket so much, why I keep coming to support the team,” Dharamveer Pal told Forbes. 

3) He travels around the country with Team India and Indian cricketers bear his expenses and consider him family. The likes of MS Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli and many other Indian cricketers have acknowledged Dharamveer’s passion of offered to help him financially.

“MS Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli — all the biggest stars in Indian cricket — have acknowledged me and offered to help me,” Pal told Forbes in an interview. 

4) Dharamveer Pal wants to be an inspiration for all those who think that Polio did not let them achieve what they wanted to.

“I want to be connected with cricket till my last breath and support Men in Blue till then. You know, I am an inspiration for all those people who think that Polio disease didn’t let them do anything.

5) Dharamveer also has a beautiful tattoo on his body that signifies his love and passion for the game of cricket.

dharamveer pal

Dharamveer Pal is an inspiration all of us. The way he has managed to keep his passion and excitement going over the years, despite a big physical obstacle, proves that no disability is big enough to stop us from achieving what we want to, if we keep working hard.

Keep chasing your dreams, Dharamveer. We are so proud of you.

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